Djokovic breaks down during Dimitrov shocker; treats audience to a dish.

Madrid, 07.05.2013

Novak Djokovic truly is a sight to behold. From his flawless physique, impeccable hair and facial features, to his on-court acrobatics, he really has been the most striking individual in the world of tennis for the past two and a half years.

Known for making impossible shots, and ripping his t-shirts, Hulk style.

But next to being a fantastic athlete/demigod, he's also..

....a very emotional man. 

A 'ball' of emotion one might say... 

And so every and now then, during his most testing moments, much like his Madrid loss to 'baby Federer' Grigor Dimitrov, his countrymen are reminded of the core dictionary affiliated to raw emotion. 

To quote, after winning the second set, Djokovic walked to his chair and visibly upset by the audience' support for Dimitrov (much could be said of that favoritism, but I'll omit it fully) Djokovic, in return, offered the audience a traditional Serbian dish, and did so with unmistakable Serbian charm:

sad ćete da mi ližete kurac... 

...sad ćete kurac da mi ližete! " lingua franca, and accompanied with relevant imagery:

Nole smash!

To be fair, in the scene imaged above Djokovic was only taunting the audience with gestures. However, the imagery and the words do complement each other rather well, methinks.

Love him or hate him the man has balls, and isn't afraid to serve them. And mind you, regardless of the occasional antic, he inspires and he thrills with his game, and that's all that really matters.