Surface to Air-Incubus; a review

It's been years since incubus gave fans something new to indulge in.. and it'll probably be a year before they might do so again, but in the meantime "surface to air" (played live in Chile) sounds like a muncheable piece.

No way of telling in what shape (if at all) it'll make the cut, but it does point towards things already done. Michael Einziger is back with the airy guitar playing; open, warm & friendly chords still high in the catalogue it seems. Can't  tell much of what DJ Killmore is doing due to the audio quality, though traditionally he does add to the Incubus texture quite a bit. The rest of the band seems to go along with Einziger's lead and no-one really sticks out, save for a few false notes by the ever skinny -ever shiny phenomenon called Boyd.

Alltogether it sounds nostalgic, pretty & familiar. It'll likely please most casual non-obsessive fans but won't turn too many heads. Those fishing for something newfangled, avant-garde should probably just get into Animal Collective already and hold their breath till the new album drops, because if anything, , Incubus didn't stick to themes too tightly between or within records.