Freedom? Yeah, right.

I've been itching to post something serious from the day Gaddafi got whacked in Libya. I remember thinking it was the perfect moment to post the results of my BBC-CNN research on media frames with Gaddafi as the observed qualifier. But then...

It's so easy to get worked up about the entire narrative in the media, not just Gaddafi.. everything. The meaningless hell we're living in being packed as a worthwhile commodity (now available in jumbo packs complete with universal recognition by all for the accomplished).. the old adagio about modern slavery, emotional suicide, our increasingly vacant souls and cold hearts, the pains of restless ambitions and the frustrating realization that you can't even fart without offending a lesser form of life and two bits later yourself being the finger pointing cocksucker (thanks Liza). Being aware of all the bullshit doesn't really mean anything any more.. everyone is aware of everything. It's everything time. And it's, at times, hilarious.

It's completely normal to pull apart capitalism and the profusion of hedonism as a creed while jerking off to free porn  and splitting heads to u-tube content, again sponsored by click chasers.

Point in case, r.a.t.m. were once your main protest band, the alternative sound to a small yet unified and global awareness of the need for anti establishment, the need to cherish your anger:

(in case you missed it, it's on vevo)

It's everything time and everything is as wrong as right. So why care?

Yeah. Well, at the end of the day if you're not designed to forget entirely, rather over equipped with awareness and understanding, at the end of that day... you sometimes ask yourself. Do I really care? Time and time again you say.. Yes.. Yes I care. So much.. but it's so... so hard.

and then you wipe the cum off your stomach, go to bed, and wake up plotting another ungrateful day.

Another blog and none the richer.

Soulfood Serbia

Don't you just want to go and eat some Serbian soulfood after seeing this?

SOULFOOD Serbia 4' 13'' from SENSE Production on Vimeo.

SER<3IA yay!