Swan Sounds, week 24

Time to give more prominence to the collective's musical flavour. For the wondering, a "cob" is a male swan. "Swan Sounds" is a pun to the Swan Song sentiment (wiki it) though nowhere near as dramatic, it's  a metaphore aiming to address the perceived editorial identity: elegant, strong, predominantly gifted with penis, & keen on flattering imagery.

To kick it off with a bong from the heart of Balkanlands (Belgrade, Serbia)- meet:
A band now well over 20 years on the scene who started out as a punk-reggae
project, developing steadily to the spatious, lively & urban landscapes of today. A unique vibe which grabs peak elements of the ever strong & avant-garde Belgrade scene, here's "Secer", meaning "Sugar" from the 2008 "Jedinstvo" ("unity" ) album. The momentary disco-faux has the unminstakble Darkwood umbra abut with Dub's idiosyncratic groove and sonic kerf's. An eisegesis it may be,
a foist to justify this brindled tune, our heart is true; we feel Darkwood Dub, and we feel you might cosher them as we do, after a listen or two. Cob's recommend the entire Jednistvo album. Follow up listening: robot, stvarnost (reaility), nesto sasvim izvesno ("something entirely certain" a track from the upcoming album).

Will I am, a poem against the feasting madness,

Will, I am

Why hide what you are after,
As I were the sun you stare upon;
Why linger by the words I utter,
Left ere my thought was done.


My ballooning head,
My billowing despair,
I reek of chance run over,
Intestines richly spread;

The air is drunk with foul
Stench of  Will long dead.
And critters feast upon,
This bloated angel's bread.

Enters Will of Free,
So sudden, stern & steady
Away, the critters sped,
Forlorn no more, I'm standing

Will filled dead Will's mana,
As only Will could ever do,
For Will was once was a hero,
And let Will be one of two,

From dead to living,
It only took Another,
His Majesty Will of Free,

His lordship; friend and brother.

If you're wondering what that was about, mainly:

Don't respect people who don't bother making themselves understandable, and unless
you point out you don't understand them, you're no better: 

Surround yourself with healthy spirits, as they will pick you up when you're
a meal to your own madness, and so you should do yourselves as the roles turn, and
turn they will.
Friendship comes at a cost. You are currency.