The Drug

Röyksopp, a Norwegian prog-electro-pop duo best known for Epple, are set to release a new LP, entitled Senior, on 13.09. They leaked the cd a week ago online (consciously not posted here) and unlike the more immediate Junior, their previous offspring, Senior sounds a lot less endearing as a whole, at first listen, but definately holds a few peaks and grabs attention. Those intriguied by the piece above are advised to get a copy though I urge you even more to get Junior, if you haven't already! 

The drug is the first single off Senior and it features a video screaming "missed opportunity", all over. A mish mash of oddities it adds little to the song, other than to distract from the, though catchy over time & ambiguously magnetic for filler music, a rather monotonous tune. 

Overall though, the drug gets the benefit of the doubt, given the still vivid impressions of the acrobatic Junior, and hence a closer examination of the full LP will follow after official release! If it's here, it's worth something.

Enjoy the drug, and let me leave you with a taste of my precious Junior, it's called "vision one" and it's a collab with Anneli DreckerYusuke Chiba & Shinichi Osawa


At some point you have to look in the mirror and face yourself as you are. Own up.
Accept your flaws and gloss and make it work for yourself. 

That's why I have decided to step up and test the distance I can go as blogger. I study communication science and am going through pains of internalizing the things that shape our world in terms of communication. As such, I have a certain world view. A certain ominous perspective which helps me see connections between things that some people won't see at a glance. Some of it is prescribable to my education, and other parts belong to the realm of quasi mysticsm, acquired through experience and regulated reflection on things eventful. I will be posting about all sorts of things, but mainly music. This is due to the incompletion of my journey towards becoming an authority in the field of communication science. In other words, I'm not really big on sharing brain farts about just about anything.

My mission, for now, is to become your online point of reference when you need a piece of mind of someone who you might be in accord with but don't have at hand, or when you need a casual opinion about things happening in the world that happen to be of interest to the both of us.

Though for now this may be mainly musically orientated, this will grow. I see this as a personal test of perserverence, and I will take it seriously.

Kicking it off.

Not so much an opinion, and all that much just a tune.. Share nr1: a band whose name represents the mentality of millions, either or, and whose song, the one shared here, speaks volumes to those painfully aware of their mediocracy and pointlessness. To those people. repeat after me ( and I'm quoting Beavis' and Butthead's undying wisdome on the sombre appeal of Radiohead´s Creep):


Now have a listen at this pop-disco-rock-mellow-nostaligic anthem by Cut Copy. Here's to
Going Nowehere never again.