Love Cry - A tale of Joshua

Note the song title "love cry" (by four tet), press play, let it sink in, & read on.

His head feels light today..feels empty.
Don't give Joshua too much time on his own or Joshua will think the world into a paper bag.

His knuckles whiten as he tightens the grip on the banister bars and his head sinks deeper towards his chest. He can't shake it today but he won't stop until he's battered enough to sleep again. Mechanically, he releases his grip and slowly gets up. He turns towards the bloodstained wall, though it's been hard to tell the blood from the paint for years now.. He's been at it so long that layer upon layer of his inner look more like an expensive piece of overwraught modern art.

He feels his forehead, wipes, and looks down at his hand. Not a drop. It's been six or seven  years from the last time everything but his nose bled, but every now and then he feels as surprised as the very first time he noticed.

He sharply jerks his head upright and shakes it a few times.
"Come on, just do it, dick, you always delay, you always. fucking. delay."

He looks at the wall again, some 10m away, looks down for a second, takes a deep breath, looks up again, and starts running.

Now, he can't make it to full speed, there's not enough space, but it used to be enough to crack his skull and keep him dazed & confused for weeks.  The one he went for earlier was poor, he wasn't giving it all..

Joshua hates that he's so halfhearted most of the time about most of the things.

This time he isn't holding back, or rather, he's focused and eager. Doesn't know why.

Just before his face hits the wall he laughs like a madman, his eyes widening with dumb anticipation.

The effects of Joshua's actions do not reach Joshua. Joshua is now fully numb.

Joshua wakes the next day, goes to work, comes back home,

stares at the screen,

stares at the wall,

and wakes up again.

Abandon, Joshua.

For full appreciaciation, reflect with the song on. Attain Four Tet's - There's love in you album and play in full quality.

Give this vid a look too.

The Power of Videos: Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette- Hello

I'm not breaking new ground by writing that sometimes, videos really take a song an extra mile!

Plenty of examples but I won't go too deep into it, maybe you could consider this list.. doesn't matter.
I'll name three recent examples that worked for me.

Beyonce's Single Ladies.. I don't think I would have listened to the audio more than once, probably on my way somewhere on the radio, were it not for that great choreography..

I remember visualizing the moves and somehow enjoying the song that much more.. Remember that bit when B starts a routine independent of the other two, and they fall in shortly after (around 0:50, 1:20 and 1:30 especially)... Loved it!

Another example would be Metallica's - All nightmare long.. I thought the song to be too overwrought, unnecesarilly complex at the beginning, not having that flow you'd want it to have.. Metallica were hasbeen's.. waiting for the mercy shot.. and then BOOM, that video  totally made the song..It totally went with the creepyness, amplified it, made it epic, took my mind of the music at the right parts and there you go.. shortly after I had to pick up the guitar and ROCK THAT ish!

Finally.. Tiga-Shoes. That one is special because it's not as clear cut.. To me the leap from the video concept to the song is mystifying.. How does anyone come up with that... Why does that model's face evoke such strange attraction.. why is that guy so immediately a classic presence.. why does the close up of the drummer boy work? Is it really just the fact they they all look great? I don't think so. It's art.. it's pure art, and it might as well be unintended..

Now, these examples really show two (though there are more) different ways that this audio-visual pairing can work..

A great choreography, visualized effectively..
Or a great concept that somehow captures the emotion, the flow, the scene (with great dancing though) and so on..

And what to make of this happy go careless tune by Solveig!
The epic Frenchman going ..
"Spasiba Natahshheeeh.."

"Da (yes in Russian) da si da da, hallo, Igor, and then running through the>> yes, no, yes, yes, that exactly what I'm saying...

Or.. "Martin I'm not your agent... I'm your manajeeeer.."

And then when Djokovic enters the scene, somehow adding epic to it by mixing genres.. I mean, you have to be clever here. The effect that Djokovic creates is something that you might label a Cross-Genre-Stupifier.. The cognitive load of music videos is suddenly connected to a tenis event.. ( the whole Roland Gaross was just a setting to me without Djokovic)
If you follow tenis, the sight of Djokovic will bring the video into a whole new category of experience..there you have this athletic hero, looking all good, big, important, strong and all that.. it's a departure from what's being established earlier.. the humorous, hip, metrosexually baroc cute, pleasant, casual... (Helps that he's a Serb, like me)

It works. It simply works..! And not to forget, the tune itself..

The downside is the level of advertising.. I mean from lacoste, nike, puma, adidas & all the other shit they stuff in there.... mainly Roland Garros.. but okay.. goes with the turf nowdays.. Only goes to show the power of money, over and over again.


Here's one to the good videos!

2779 - A tale of Harry

Press play and read on:

It's the year 2779, Harry is a 20 something guy trying to make a living as a bot-operator at the northern galactic docks of Luna 275. Things are going as usual, the cyberdon's are a bit slower today but they've been glithcing the whole week, and hey, the less can be blamed on him for the fuckups.
Just on the way to pick up a new load from the storage a blast shakes up the entire platform and Harry's Tron-class bot with Harry untied flies a 90 meters accross the dock and crushes into a Wormphaunt, killing all in it. Harry is flung out of the pod half way through and lands in the freezing water's of 275, his helmet's glass cracked and water slowly making its way to his nose and mouth. Harry is twisting and turning, screaming his longs out, the suit is too heavy, he'll sink soon enough.. Flashes of lashing bright light take over his mind as the cold paralyzes his limbs, and numbing him to all sensation of touch by blowing his neural fuse. Harry can't breathe, it will be over soon. Harry stops fighting.Harry is no more.

Harry opens his eyes and catches glimps of a battlefield stretched for miles accross an unfamiliar terrain below. The snow is falling thick, the wind violently shaking the airborne vehicle he's in, but no-one below seems to be paying attention. "Stealthmode.." he mumbles.."or we're the friendlies.."
The battle-drones are of a different league than Harry has been seeing in the news lately. Their shell shield's pulsing a dim red glow as they move slowly against the wind blasts.. the snow never touches them, it vapourizes at first contact. Suddenly one of the shield's bursts with light upon being hit by a purple plasma beam, momentarily blinding Harry.

As he covers his eyes the words escape him in amazement:
"That can't be... Those can't be manned, they would be inoperable on sight..." His attention suddenly shifiting to a massive blast of sound somewhere behind him, somewhere out of sight.. Stupified by the alarming intensity and complexity of what he heard Harry tries to turn but his body is tightly secured to a device of some sort. Harry looks down and gasps.

Instead of his body, Harry sees a robotic prothese, one of the sort he has not seen in use before. The design is near human in shape, but shows no intention to mimmic it fully. Instead of the usual  skin-like covers, slim white plates give shape to his legs, now reflecting the red bursts of the energy field from the battle-drones. Same goes for the majority of his body.. It all looks like a prototype he's seen at the E.S.P. stand some two years ago. He tries to move the exo-skeletton but something is  wrong. he can't feel the limbs as he ought to.. He remembers that the neural connection will only be activated at the training brief. Harry is proud of himself, he didn't lose it like the most other times..

He's getting better at this and is now looking forward to what lies ahead. Death greeted him cold on 275, but it's over now, he won't feel that for a while. Harry is a Lousta-soldier now.
As his thoughts quickly settle, his eyes slowly turn to the battlefield...The sound has subdued...

The distance is now greater physcially but even more so in Harry's mind.. the perspective leaving him in awe. Before disecting his new reality, Harry focuses on the scene..

Thousands upon thousands of unfamiliar smaller battle-bots race accross the snowy planes, jetting to their demise so it seems as the remnants of earlier swarms lie scattered in hundreds of thousands, now lit by the passing lights of the new. The larger ones move slowly, taking aim at something out of sight for Harry.

"They're so much bigger, they must be.. at least 200 times the size of  the crawlers in volume... but to what use.. what use for the crawlers?"

He didn't wait much for the answer . As the craft went higher, Harry caught sight of something so astonishingly beautiful, something so out of place that he gawked with a faint smile curling his at his lips.. The outer lines of the speeding bots were catching fire as they went and were after a while blown high in the air as balls of flame, being pushed backwards by the wind and snow, turning wildly and sissing as fire met water, giving them a trail of mistflakes. A moment after another large explosion sent Harry's eyes in search of something far off, but this time he saw the landscape lit up at the outmost left where his view was blocked by the  inner shell of the aircraft.. It was deffening, but what struck him was the synthesis of the sound of an explosion with something of organic originin.. something beastlike, filled with rage and horror. He wanted to duck, see what it was, but was again reminded of his immobility.

The craft then went upwards again and sped up in a different direction so fast that all below became something of a blur and Harry dropped his head backwards, puzzled but confident he'll know more sooner than later. Now, first.. the briefing.

People's governments

(Kal, The Economist - 2010)

The overwhelming global apathy about the state of the globe is easy enough to comprehend. Sure enough, most people care about the world, but, will not move a finger if it is to jeopardise the little stability their fragile lives offer. Sacrificing a day a week for doing something truly worth while would usually mean sacrificing that day of the week you meant for yourself.. that day that you DON'T have to dedicate to working for someone you don't give a hoot about, and whose business, frequently, is only meant to sustain itself and add things to the world we could, if truly civilized, do without. We all know this.. we all know that the contemporary ways of doing things are pathetically trailing the true potential of ourselves as a species. And where do we point the finger? Who do we blame?

We've pass the point of blaming politics, that's for sure.. We all know, all too well, that we can change the world.. That there are means to organize ourselves, to put ideals on paper and enforce them on ourselves..
Right? No, I don't think so. Not at all.. No, a lot of "folks" still count on the politicians as change factors.. they think, vaguely, a singular human can rectify the crooked, do away with the errors of the past and present and blah blah. Just look at the way our fellow plantetarians in USA seem to show disappointment towards the policies of the superstar phenomenon Obama.
"he failed to "change" the way of things"
"how can I still be unemployed"
"How have I benefitted from the health change bill?"
"What do the tax cuts for the middle sized companies really mean for me?"

In short, why is everything still so overwhelmingly.. same?

The answer lies in every poorly written and well intended self-help book...

The change comes from within... And would you know it?! Changing yourself might be the single hardest thing to do! And this is why people often invest faith in governments..(and why others don't, at all) They hope they will realize the means that will secure control in, I daresay, two ways:

- securing a stable environment in which those gifted with resiliance will reach conventional success
- deliver structures for those "less competent" to go by in their quest for just keeping the ticker ticking and reaching a state of happy.

Some people have it hard.. most people don't, it's true..Most of you are probably thinking, but I don't fit in one of those categories, There's more to my personal situation.. there are things that affect my life, that I can't control.. or.. I don't aim for conventional success Stanko, I'm actually going for the better of the world in my own way etc etc.

That's right.. there's more to you..
And the world is a better place because you are in it

 [ ]      [ ]
yes     no


Surface to Air-Incubus; a review

It's been years since incubus gave fans something new to indulge in.. and it'll probably be a year before they might do so again, but in the meantime "surface to air" (played live in Chile) sounds like a muncheable piece.

No way of telling in what shape (if at all) it'll make the cut, but it does point towards things already done. Michael Einziger is back with the airy guitar playing; open, warm & friendly chords still high in the catalogue it seems. Can't  tell much of what DJ Killmore is doing due to the audio quality, though traditionally he does add to the Incubus texture quite a bit. The rest of the band seems to go along with Einziger's lead and no-one really sticks out, save for a few false notes by the ever skinny -ever shiny phenomenon called Boyd.

Alltogether it sounds nostalgic, pretty & familiar. It'll likely please most casual non-obsessive fans but won't turn too many heads. Those fishing for something newfangled, avant-garde should probably just get into Animal Collective already and hold their breath till the new album drops, because if anything, , Incubus didn't stick to themes too tightly between or within records.

The Drug

Röyksopp, a Norwegian prog-electro-pop duo best known for Epple, are set to release a new LP, entitled Senior, on 13.09. They leaked the cd a week ago online (consciously not posted here) and unlike the more immediate Junior, their previous offspring, Senior sounds a lot less endearing as a whole, at first listen, but definately holds a few peaks and grabs attention. Those intriguied by the piece above are advised to get a copy though I urge you even more to get Junior, if you haven't already! 

The drug is the first single off Senior and it features a video screaming "missed opportunity", all over. A mish mash of oddities it adds little to the song, other than to distract from the, though catchy over time & ambiguously magnetic for filler music, a rather monotonous tune. 

Overall though, the drug gets the benefit of the doubt, given the still vivid impressions of the acrobatic Junior, and hence a closer examination of the full LP will follow after official release! If it's here, it's worth something.

Enjoy the drug, and let me leave you with a taste of my precious Junior, it's called "vision one" and it's a collab with Anneli DreckerYusuke Chiba & Shinichi Osawa


At some point you have to look in the mirror and face yourself as you are. Own up.
Accept your flaws and gloss and make it work for yourself. 

That's why I have decided to step up and test the distance I can go as blogger. I study communication science and am going through pains of internalizing the things that shape our world in terms of communication. As such, I have a certain world view. A certain ominous perspective which helps me see connections between things that some people won't see at a glance. Some of it is prescribable to my education, and other parts belong to the realm of quasi mysticsm, acquired through experience and regulated reflection on things eventful. I will be posting about all sorts of things, but mainly music. This is due to the incompletion of my journey towards becoming an authority in the field of communication science. In other words, I'm not really big on sharing brain farts about just about anything.

My mission, for now, is to become your online point of reference when you need a piece of mind of someone who you might be in accord with but don't have at hand, or when you need a casual opinion about things happening in the world that happen to be of interest to the both of us.

Though for now this may be mainly musically orientated, this will grow. I see this as a personal test of perserverence, and I will take it seriously.

Kicking it off.

Not so much an opinion, and all that much just a tune.. Share nr1: a band whose name represents the mentality of millions, either or, and whose song, the one shared here, speaks volumes to those painfully aware of their mediocracy and pointlessness. To those people. repeat after me ( and I'm quoting Beavis' and Butthead's undying wisdome on the sombre appeal of Radiohead´s Creep):


Now have a listen at this pop-disco-rock-mellow-nostaligic anthem by Cut Copy. Here's to
Going Nowehere never again.