Monthly updates was the objective and I even managed to fail at that.
Let me fire a few excuses at myself..
Exams? Mid-twenties despair? Apathy? Lethargy?

Mostly, mostly to do with not knowing how to put structure into what I do.. somewhere mid December I had the last class of the semester and have been cast into a void of a month of "hiatus" to end in deadlines, exams and all the other good things in life I never really got to appreciate.

Strung between epically enjoying my free time and preparing for not ruining my academic adventure I felt hellish. I don't remember ever being much of a steadfast character, but by now it's starting to frustrate me. It's like being on weekend millionaires with the 20 euro's question, the one everyone knows, except you, and there you are.
Aall eyes on, you. Dumbfounded, not knowing what to say, being overwhelmed by embarrassment..
Now multiply that time frame, of maybe a minute, by 21600, and you get an impression of how I've spent the month..

It's not like I've done nothing.. I've closed 3 of the 5 courses, 4th one in the making, 5th a bit too close the edge for comfort but I'll pro:lly mange.. It's not easy for me to admit having a hard time with something, especially when I can put my finger on why some others manage so well, and I don't.. success feels so tangible, but is a slippery little catfish.. .

The highlights of my month of studying and sulking were the dim light powernaps with my brother in between book worming or attempting to bookworm.

I've built up a neat collection of pitchfork and drowned in sound inspired, critically acclaimed, mostly electro, haze music. Some six or seven prime brainloving albums. Puts you down like a log, my word..  

So, to  come the essence of this post, I present you with the finest powernap music, proof listened by my brother and I. Some of these are old, and all of them are just parts of even better albums (of which we, clearly, remember the first halves most :D ).