Looming death

A child patiently stalked by a vulture, via deeplythinking
Do read the accompanying article at deeply thinking. To settle your curiosity somewhat, you could conclude that death himself took the picture.


Then again, some of the comments here put a different light on it.

A heist in plain sight, or the underminding of international monetary systems?

Jorgovanka Tabakovic: "I'm stubborn!"

This just in: Serbia, the country where the prime minister appoints the head of the national bank from the ranks of his own party.. Plus, the former head of the bank quit over new policies which would put the bank under parliament supervision..which according to 'sources' may be an issue because policy stability cannot be guaranteed, nor the independence from government or other, corporate, influences..

So what do you do to counter that?

The new head just tells all to relax and trust her because she is stubborn and won't be bossed around. And then, same article in the most esteemed Serbian newspaper Politika, some random anonymous elderly rural person is quoted saying to an official

"son, had we looked for her we wouldn't have found her, but we prayed to the lord, and we got her. I hope she'll be the best we ever had".

So when on one hand you have the likes of the EU, IMF, the Royal Bank of Scotland and so on..and the other the Serbian parliament and an elderly old man...

Which one is it... a heist in plain sight, or the undermining of international monetary systems?


In the sense that the people are going to get robbed either way, but Serbia might not share.