Ugly Swan

Thom Yorke's black swan is about seizing the day in the face of a fucked world, suggesting Thom as an illustration of success against all odds and a one you may use as an example to realize yourself fully.

But what if you're a complete dirtbag on the inside. What if in fact you're a Douche Swan and selfrealization is simply not a "good" thing.. Say your character is so flawed, contrived and devious, then, what route to take? The metamorphosis from an ugly duckling to a swan doesn't really apply there, as there is no, or little, beauty inside waiting to grow. Rather, an inmeasurable appetite for acknowledgment, respect, and a hunger for a horribly misfigured idea of love, relatively speaking of course, come to mind as defining attributes of such a character.  Even if there was a trace of goodness, whatever that may be, it certainly will not develop on its own, but rather needs the barrer to shine on it with will power as to foster the misfigured, abused, seed. Or perhaps to, as it were, be the creator of the seed.

Transformation is a long, yet if we look at nature, often a productive and, in our human terms, a beautiful, process. From larva to a butterfly, from a bud to  a rose, from a fluffy lion cub to a killing machine. Yet transformation is a natural process, heavily conditioned and subject to the elements. Human transformation, I would say, works by self imposed education about what it is that, in human terms, defines the objective.

Therefore, the seed, would then have to be the will to change, the fostering would be understanding the desired goal, and the transformation would be taking the plunge into abyss of self exposure, where effects cannot be calculated and hearts are vulnerable and weak.

I choose, in face of all the ambiguity about the target of this blog, to conclude with what I believe to be his or hers ambition, one which is essentially beautiful(ly naive).


Sleight of hand,
Jump off the end.
Into a clear lake,
No one around.

Just dragonflies,
Flying to the side.
No one gets hurt,
You're doing nothing wrong.

Slide your hand,
Jump off the end.
The water's clear and innocent.
The water's clear and innocent.

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